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Carpet FAQs

We will listen to and assess your needs and give you the most for your money that can be had. Our installers measure jobs so that they can best use the waste and keep it to a minimum. We stand behind everything we sell and will discourage sales of anything that we feel does not suit your needs. Because of the longevity of our company, we spend a minimum on advertising and depend largely on word of mouth....the best advertisement a company can have. Being privately owned, there is no red tape for the customer if a problem arises. We want our customers to recommend us to their children and grandchildren, as has been the custom for several decades.
Carpet offers warmth and helps reduce sound tremendously.
I (Teri) grew up as the daughter of a builder and carpet manufacturer of wool carpet. While it lasts FOREVER and I am still replacing carpet my dad sold over 40 years ago, the new fibers are much softer and more stain resistant and can still offer a good warranty.
Consider the following: How long you want it to last? Will your color selections will be great long term? Is the home for resale, rental, or for a forever home?
This includes moving furniture, removing existing carpet and disposing of it, and replacing pad and carpet. If we install, we will make sure the warranties are honored.